Powerful 11.4 Amp motor for tough demolition applications Automatic oiling system with unique air-pressure oil control enables extended use without oiling Idle hammering prevention increases tool life and minimizes maintenance


Fastest drilling speed in its class with low vibration and noise level 7.4 ft-lbs of impact energy, delivering high-speed drilling and forcible chipping with low vibration and noise level 9.2 Amp motor, increases productivity


5.9 Amp motor with 620 Watts of input power, combines powerful hammering with extremely fast drilling speed 2-modes of operation, drilling only and hammer drilling for flexibility within a range of applications Fastest drilling speed in its class


7.0 Amp motor with 800 watts of input power combines powerful hammering with high-speed drilling 2.5 ft/lbs of impact energy, best in class for delivering high-speed drilling and chipping Quick-set bit system, makes replacing bits quick and easy


3.9 ft-lbs of impact energy, highest in its class 7.4 Amp motor, combines powerful hammering with forcible drilling 850rpm No-load speed, highest in its class